Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get Fit and Beat Aging

You've probably heard many times how important exercise is. That's right! But exercise
means different things to different people. The most recommended exercise you will find
in medical resources is...walking.

If you want to reverse your age, look great and feel great, you need to do more than just walk. A good exercise program consists of 2 elements:
1. Resistance Training (or "weight training")
2. Cardio Training (or “aerobics”).

You have learned that cardio is the activity you must spend most of your time at to get fit ("burn your calories"). Recent discoveries in the fitness science have changed this outdated belief. Weight training has become the major age fighter.
"Anti-Aging Fitness" puts the first priority on weight training and the second priority on cardio training. The ratio is about 80% for weight training and 20% for cardio training.

Weight (Resistance) Training

Here are some age symptoms that weight training offsets and reverses:

Muscle Loss:
Muscle loss is the most noticeable aging symptom. Muscle loss makes you weaker and
doomed to injuries and unattractive posture. As a result of muscle loss, your metabolic rate declines because muscles are the biggest fat burner. Therefore you start to accumulate body fat, which increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

You can offset this vicious cycle of muscle loss if you...rebuild your muscles back. The only effective way to gain muscle is weight training. That's true for men and for women. Diets don't support muscle gain. Slimming pills and fat burners don't build your muscles either. Even cardio activities such as jogging, biking, and walking don't build your muscle. When you gain muscle you speed up your metabolic rate. You burn more fat, get a dream body which makes you look much younger than your age.

Bone Loss:
The less noticeable symptom of aging is a loss of bone density. Unfortunately, by the
time you are diagnosed with bone mass loss, it can be too late because you've already
developed osteoporosis. The common medical advice you usually get is to supplement
with calcium and vitamin D. Your doctor will probably recommend that you exercise (not more than walking or...dancing). Usually you get this advice from overweight doctors that are doomed to develop degenerative diseases even more than you are.

Supplementation doesn't solve bone mass loss! Bone mass loss relates to hormonal
imbalances and women are at much greater risk than men especially if they're postmenopausal. The most effective cure is the least revealed one. Weight training will restore your bone mass and dramatically reduce your osteoporosis risk. Don't wait to start when you're already sick. Start now!

Hormone Decline:
The third symptom of aging is the decline in your hormone levels. Your hormones are
decreasing at a "free-fall" pace when you are over 40. Your sexual hormones are at their peak when you're 20-30 and they decline every year after. Men's testosterone declines after puberty but its rate of decline is faster after 40. Women's estrogen levels drop down pre-menopause.

The unrevealed secret that only a few athletes and bodybuilders know is that weight
training increases the secretion of hormones. That’s why men and women who exercise
with weights look younger than their age. Weight training makes you look really great. Women are usually concerned weight training will make them look “bulky”. They perceive weight training as a "men's activity". No more. It's clear cut that women can change their physique dramatically without increasing testosterone. The reasons are still unknown but it has been proved in many studies.

If you want to change your body and your life you need to do some weight training. The benefits are enormous. You will look 5, 10, even 15 years younger than your age. Your energy, stamina and vigor will skyrocket. Weight training increases your endorphins and pheromones which stimulate you all day long even when you wake up one hour earlier …and miss your coffee.

Not all weight training programs are designed equally. To get the hormonal secretion
effect that makes you many years younger, follow a specific technique that is revealed in the Anti-Aging Fitness Program “Change Your Body and Be Admired”. Many of the exercises that you remember from your childhood or adolescence are obsolete. Take sit-ups for example. Sit-ups are the less effective exercise for abs because
your hips take some of the motion and because of the risk of low back injury.

Cardio Training
Most people exercise because they want to "burn calories". This is based on the theory that if you burn more calories than you consume, you will probably lose weight. That's right...partially.

Studies show that there are other factors much more effective than calorie balance like managing blood sugar levels, raising metabolic rates, working with your body type and changing your body composition. It's not just calorie consumption. Not all calories are built equally. 1000 calories of sugar aren't equal to 1000 calories of vegetables. The sugar peaks your blood sugar level while the same amount of calories consumed as vegetables won't affect your blood sugar at all.

The same thing is true with calorie burning. One hour on the treadmill burns roughly 800 calories. You need many hours to burn all the food you eat if you're following the calorie balance theory. But gaining 20% more muscle will burn the same calories even without doing any cardio at all. This is how powerful weight training is. You gain muscle, speed up your metabolic rate and get a rush of hormones that make you look and feel much younger than your age. Should you engage in cardio at all? Cardio’s main goal is to improve your....cardio condition. That means improving the strength and efficiency of your heart and lungs while improving your vigor, energy, stamina, and endurance. Cardio training shouldn't target only calorie burning. Millions jog slowly because they have been told that long duration/low intensity cardio training is the best way to burn fat. It’s definitely not the most effective way.

What's wrong with long duration/low intensity cardio training for fitness purposes?
• It's time consuming. It's difficult to commit regularly to such demanding activity.
• It causes you to lose muscle rather than gaining muscle. You achieve the opposite
result. You slow down your metabolic rate and you accelerate your aging.
• It is based on calorie balance of "input" and "output". In an hour you burn only
around 800 calories.
• You stop burning fat when you stop your activity.
• Your cardiovascular capability doesn’t improve because the heart rate is low.
• Your lung capacity doesn't improve because you don't train in the anaerobic zone.
• It's b-o-r-i-n-g!

The right cardio is short duration high intensity training. The optimum time is 20
minutes. The intensity of the training should be up to 85% of your maximum heart rate. The first few minutes are below 85% for warm up and the last 1-2 minutes can be even 90% of your maximum heart rate (heart rate over 85% also boosts your free-radical production. Don’t stay there for too long!). You can learn more about using heart rate monitor, high intensity cardio training and effective interval training, in the Anti-Aging Fitness Program “Change Your Body and Be Admired”.

Short Duration High Intensity cardio training is the most effective fitness routine:
• It takes a short time and you don't need to do it more than 2-3 times a week.
• It builds muscle. Compare sprint runner’s body to marathon runner’s body.
• It improves your cardiovascular and lung capability
• It burns fat long hours after you're off because the anaerobic features
• It's easy to stick to, because it's short and interesting
• It has a positive mind motivator benefit. Finishing a training session is very
rewarding. Share Health|Fitness
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