Saturday, January 8, 2011

Body Detoxification

Are you looking for a full total body detoxification? If so, then you might want to try a 10 day detox or some refer to it as the 2-week detox. A 10-day detox is a full body detox that usually means taking several different steps to reach your total body transformation. It might involve a change in diet, exercise and more.
A full body detox is more thorough than a 24-hour fast of 72-hour juice diet. You need a full body detox program and you need to be ready to commit the full amount of time that it will take to get the full benefit of your detox.
You need a system that can help you by:

- Removing heavy metals such as lead and mercury
- Detoxify your liver, kidneys and other organs – even the brain
- Replenish the friendly bacteria with a pro-biotic formula
- Recharge your immune system with a powerful antioxidant support

You might also want to work on your emotional state and detoxing your mind. While your brain is an organ as well and will get the same benefit from detoxing the other organs of your body, detoxing the soul is a bit different.
If you want to cleanse and refresh your body, it is a great idea to cleanse and refresh your mind and spirit at the same time which can be done in a 10-day full body detox. Spend time relaxing, recouping and retraining your mind. Take time to de-stress from all the worries and trouble in the world and in your life while also cleansing your body physically.
You might want to try journaling and breathing and relaxing exercises in addition to the ingested regimen you have for your 10 day detox. You will come out of the process feeling like a new person.

What Is A Body Detox Routine?
Are you planning a body detox to cleanse your body? If you want to try a body detox either for your first time or if you have done it before, you will want to have a detox routine. So what exactly is a detox routine? Basically a detox routine is an all-natural method of cleansing your body by giving it the time and conditions it needs to rebuild and heal from the damages of daily life and the foods you eat and other substances you intake.
There are many different types of known detox routines. Some common types include:

- juice fasting
- water fasting
- minimal eating/fasting
- herbal detoxification
- detox baths
- colon cleansing
- caloric restriction
- and many more

Your detox routine will be the specific plan that you take to detoxify and rejuvenate your body. It might be a pre-purchased plan that you get which contains all the steps needed for a healthy detox or it might be a plan that you helped formulate yourself.
You might want to try different detox routines or different combinations of different detoxification routines until you find one that works well for you. Once you find something that works well for you, you can continue to use it every time your body needs a detox.How often you detox will also depend on your routine, the type of routine you use and how often you plan to use it. It will vary according to what your regular lifestyle is as well. After your detox, do you continue to eat healthy and avoid things that create a lot of toxins? If so, then you will not need your detox routine very often.
If you detox and then go back to a poor diet, caffeine and sugar and even nicotine, then you will need another detox sooner as your body will have more build up of toxins faster.

Detox for better skin
You might have heard about body detox and all the great things it can do for you. You probably have also heard that it can help cleanse your colon, remove toxins and waste from the body and help prevent disease and illness. You probably also know that it can give you more energy and boost your immune system.
Did you know that a body detox can also give you great skin? If you want to have younger, smoother, healthier looking skin, then a detoxification of your body might be the way to go. It can make your skin look and feel refreshed. By cleaning out the toxins in your body, the result is that you look and feel healthier all over. Our skin is often a sign of our inner health. People that are unhealthy may have dry, brittle skin, more wrinkles and more signs of age than a healthier person.
Toxins in the body can cause your skin to be pale and dry and look unhealthy. It can contribute to signs of aging earlier as well. When you clean your body deeply from the inside out, you remove these toxins that weigh down on your body and skin and refresh yourself. In the days that follow your detoxification, you should notice your skin becoming healthier and more alive.
Over time, this will continue. Drinking a lot of water- whether it was specified in your detox program or not- will also be very helpful.
There are also special skin detox formulas you can purchase that are specifically for people with problem skin, acne or other skin conditions. There are many specially formulated detox systems that are designed for people that have skin problems or for those that might be experiencing aging and fine lines or wrinkles and just want to rejuvenate their skin.

Detox- Cleansing the body inside out
It is important to cleanse the body of the toxins that have accumulated through the months.These toxins play havoc with the vital organs of the body and leave a trail of destruction. They need to be removed from the system without trace – if that were possible. In order to cleanse the system of toxins one must clean the colon. It is said that death begins with the malfunction of the colon. Though the kidneys and the liver are primarily responsible for the cleansing of toxins from the system the colon is a vital player in assisting the process of detoxification. So where do these toxins come from? There are many sources for toxins that enter the body through every possible opening, including the tiny pores in the skin.
The air we breathe is a rich source of toxins that make their way into our blood stream. Toxins are deposited into the air through car fumes and pollution from industries. The vegetables we eat are polluted with toxins through the insecticides we spray to kill the pests that destroy the plants. The chemical fertilizer we use for the plants is another source of toxins that make their way into the vegetables and fruit we eat. The water we drink is treated with cleansing and purification agents, again chemicals. These make their way into our system and finally add to the toxic levels in our body.
Another great source of toxins is the medications that we take to heal ourselves. In fact, any form of chemical intake leads to the build up of toxins in out system. Then again here are the chemical toiletries such as deodorants and sprays; these are a big source of toxins.
So, how do toxins affect our system?
Toxins affect all the organs of our body. They mainly attack the kidneys, liver and the colon.Toxins hamper the functioning of the immune system and leave the body open to attacks from diseases leading to ill health. Some of the main symptoms are aging, skin rashes and many other skin disorders, indigestion, nausea, and most of all behavioral changes including depression, a rising disorder linked to toxin levels in the system.
The best way to rid the system of toxins is to go on a detox diet. This is a program that consists on vegetables and fruits. A 5 day diet of leafy vegetables and fresh fruit along with at least 4 liters of water every day will rid the system of over 80% toxins. There are other ways that include home detox kits complete with herbal detox pills and tonics that work independently on each organ to detoxify the system.
Whatever the process you choose to detoxify your body it is important to do so on a regular basis such as twice a year. A detoxified body is a healthy body and a happier individual. Share Health|Fitness
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