Monday, February 8, 2010

Cardiovascular disease treatment with nanoparticles by mimicking Good Cholestrol

Cardiovascular disease can be treated by several drugs which lower the lipoprotein complex LDL cholesterol levels, commonly called "bad cholesterol" because it deposits in blood vessel walls. There are no existing therapies that directly increase HDL cholesterol levels, or "good cholesterol", which carries the sticky molecule through the blood stream and to the liver for excretion. Shad Thaxton, an assistant professor of urology, designed a particle that may be able to carry cholesterol right out of the body. Thaxton's nanoparticles mimic HDL . At their heart are gold spheres five nanometers in diameter; these are coated with fine protein and fat molecules that enable them to bind tightly to cholesterol. The work is in the early stages, but Thaxton envisions synthetic HDL nanoparticles that will transport cholesterol from blood vessel plaques to the liver to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. HDL, if safe and effective could prevent heart disease and strokes in the coming years and reduce the number of people afftected by cardiovascular disease. Share Health|Fitness
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  1. Hi,

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